Therapies Offered

Psychotherapy and Counseling can help with the following problems:  Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Substance Abuse Problems (alcohol, drug, food), relationship improvement, habit control including smoking cessation,

I combine traditional psychology with energy and spiritual healing, assessment, counseling, psychotherapy for children, adults and couples.

Heart-based psychotherapy empahsizing the power of forgiveness, acceptance, allowance, compassion.

I also teach non-violent communication for couples to increase empathy and improve your ability to share your request and needs.

Couples are guided to heal childhood wounds and unmet needs that often create power struggles in their relationship.  Reconnecting in a loving way assists each partner to restablish trust and hope and repairs the relationship bond.  New skills are taught for appreciating their partner, creating a safe space between each partner to validate each other and explore solutions to issues.  Listening to each other with undivided attention leads to feeling valued and appreciated.

Human Design System Profiles are an exciting new tool for clarifying your unique  psychological and spiritual challenges and gifts.  A Profile is provided to give insight on living life more authentically, in alignment which the energetic system of your makeup.  This combines ancient wisdom with modern technology and has been surprisingly helpful at clarifying ways of dealing with life’s frustrations, providing clarity and greater peace, satisfaction, success and surprise.   Rather than based on psychopathology this tool provides you with a concrete map and logical way of living that helps you uncover greater self love and appreciation along with improved decision making.