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for more on my colleagues, philosophy, and practice please visit www.humanisticcenter.com

for an added description of quatum entraiinment healing link to www.quantumentrainment.com

for more information on EMDR THERAPY please check out www.emdr.com 

for more information on Non-Violent Coummunication as a tool for building empathy, resolving conflict, and enhancing compassion check out www.cnvc.org

for more information on the art of building relationship workshops visit www.HedyYumi.org 

for more information on nutrients that help energetically heal traumas stored in the nervous system as an adjunct to psychotherapy please check out www.ThriveWellnessCenter.com, and check into nutripuncture.

for information on gaining clarity on your life purpose visit www.onesoulpurpose.com.

for information on  a tool to assist you in living in harmony with your true self,  making better decisions, and experiencing greater satisfaction, peace and success visit www.humandesignsystem.com.

for information about Heart Centered Meditation anchored in love, compassion and safety plus guidance to help with emotional eating and digestive dysfunctions visit www.joyfullylivingwellness.com

for more information on the Harmonial Stress Management System employed by Dr. Levine to balance the nervous system, decrease stress and assist in healing using sound, light and aromatherapy please visit www.harmonial.net

for more information on the HALO Harmonic Light Treatment Approach you can look into www.halolightsystems.com